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His style is engaging and enhanced by fascinating illustrations, and he writes with remarkable precision and flair. He juggles the individual with the collective, with a keen eye for the anecdotal, including the many scandals and 'affaires' which shaped politics in this fascinating era.

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L'avocat - Episode 24 - L'anarchisme & le communisme

Beyond narratives of the events themselves, anarchists emphasised the rapid spread and delight with horizontalist social relations of mutual aid and respect on campuses and in workplaces and neighbourhoods as 10 million French people went on strike for several weeks. This liberating experience, they contend, transformed the social consciousness of large numbers and led to the great surge of anarchic autonomous social movements in different realms in the s.

These writings also reveal important debate among anarchists themselves on whether May 68 was a revolution, whether revolution is even possible and how to organise a revolutionary movement.

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