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Mission Motors didn't build bikes, so that demand went unfulfilled. Until now.

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Mission Motorcycles , a new company run by New York-based engineer and entrepreneur Mark Seeger, is building two new motorcycles based on the successful prototype: the exclusive Mission RS and the more accessible but equally powerful Mission R. Don't confuse this Mission R with the eponymous prototype that conquered Laguna Seca. It's an all-new motorcycle packed with more technology than any other electric or conventional sport bike. Both the Mission R and Mission RS are powered by a horsepower kw liquid-cooled 3-phase AC induction motor that generates a monstrous lb-ft of torque, or about 40 more lb-ft than a conventional liter bike.

Zero to sixty takes 3 seconds, and the emissions-free superbike will rocket to a top speed in excess of miles per hour. Expect a combined range of between and miles, depending on the battery pack selected. Mission's electric powerplant is unlike anything else out there. Every second, 2, to 4, calculations are computed, allowing the ECU to send power to the rear wheel as if it were a stepper motor. This, in essence, lets the rear wheel come to a full stop for fractions of a second to control traction, getting you out of the corner with the most possible grip and acceleration.

Due to the limited rotational inertia of the powertrain components, there's very little latency in power correction. Stopping is also improved over conventional bikes, with regenerative braking activated by throttle roll-off. It all adds up to an unprecedented level of precision and control for the rider. Despite its compact dimensions, Mission's 17 kWh battery stores more energy than the pound pack used in the Chevrolet Volt.

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Mission to Pactolus R.

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